Why carry a head torch?

Reading through news articles in Grough
I noticed more stories of groups becoming stranded in the hills as it goes dark, with no form of lighting.

Inevitably, this leads to some 10-20 members of the local Mountain Rescue Team trying to locate them, then lead them safely off the mountain.

It should be no great surprise that at the end of the day - it goes dark. Once this happens, not only can you not see the path ahead or any hazards, you will not be able to see the other people in your group, read a map, or be seen by rescue teams looking for you..!

Even if you fully intend to be safely off the hills before dusk, a whole host of reasons may delay your progress and it's easy to get caught out.

Head torches can be purchased for only a few pounds, are light and compact, and LED torches will give plenty of hours service on one set of batteries.

In my rucksack I always carry a bivvy bag, first aid kit, head torch and spare batteries - and I've used all of them...
Stay safe out there.
Top Tips for your Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

1. Stay in Horton-In-Ribblesdale before and after your challenge. You can camp, stay in a bunkhouse, B&B or guest house very close to the start and finish. As you will have a very early start, and perhaps a late finish, and will probably want to enjoy a drink or two when you finish - then make a weekend of it..!

2. Get an early start. Check when first light should arrive, and aim to be walking as the sun rises..!

3. Carry a head torch. The last thing you need is pressure on you to finish before it starts going dark. And at around a fiver from Tesco etc., it's not going to break the bank.

4. Carry a map and compass. May seem obvious, but this route is not waymarked, and other walkers you follow may be walking the Pennine Way, that's possibly a 200 mile diversion..! Go4AWalk sell a downloadable map and route description for a few pounds if you don't fancy an OS map.

5. Carry spare socks and some footcare items, such as talc, balm, compeed blister pads. Blisters can be caused by friction, wet socks can cause friction, and crossing the moss can cause wet feet and socks. A simple blister can end your challenge.
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